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The historic London taxi trade is fully licensed and regulated by Transport for London, ensuring that every taxi you use in London is safe, reliable, fully accessible and affordable.

  • All licensed London taxi drivers have to learn the famous 'Knowledge' and therefore have unrivalled knowledge of every street in London. 

  • All licensed London taxis have a fully regulated taximeter to ensure the price you pay is fair, accountable and visible at all times.

  • All licensed London taxis undergo stringent vehicle checks to make sure your safety and comfort is assured.

  • All licensed London taxi drivers are subject to Enhanced Criminal Record checks to keep the traveling public safe and sound.

  • Only safe and reliable licensed London taxis can pick passengers up from the street. You can hail a London taxi any time of the day or night when you see the yellow For Hire sign illuminated.

Note: It is illegal for any vehicle other than a licensed London taxi to pick you up from a street hail in London.

All London Taxis meet the stringent emissions requirements. This means that not only is your journey safe and comfortable but environmentally friendly too.

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