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BLACK CAB GIFTS: Taxi LEVC TX model making kit

Image credit: Amazon

For children aged 6 and over who are fascinated by taxis and enjoy building toys, the Taxi LEVC TX Model Making Kit maybe the perfect gift. This plastic brick construction toy comes complete with 45 pieces, easy-to-follow instructions, and a sticker sheet to customise the final creation.

Manufactured under license from London EV Company Limited, the Taxi LEVC TX Model Making Kit is a collaboration between the iconic British car manufacturer and Hornby Hobbies Limited. Known for their high-quality toys and models, Hornby Hobbies has once again delivered a product that combines educational value with entertainment.

Priced at only £18.99, this model making kit allows children to construct their own replica of the famous Taxi LEVC TX, a popular sight on the streets of London and maybe driven by family members. The set includes all the necessary pieces to build a detailed miniature version of the vehicle, as well as a sticker sheet to add the finishing touches.


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