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Blur Concert at Wembley Stadium: Extra Taxi Demand Expected

Thousands of fans are eagerly anticipating the highly anticipated Blur concert at Wembley Stadium this weekend. The iconic British band will be taking the stage on Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 July, marking a momentous occasion for music lovers across the country.

With such a large-scale event taking place, organisers have been working diligently to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for concert-goers. As part of their efforts, a temporary taxi rank has been established on Engineers Way to cater to the high demand for transportation following the shows.

On Saturday, the taxi rank will open at 22:00 and remain operational until 23:35. On Sunday, it will open slightly earlier, at 21:20, and close at 22:50. These extended hours aim to accommodate the significant number of fans expected to require taxi services after the concert concludes.

Authorities anticipate that the Blur concert will attract a considerable influx of attendees, both locals and visitors alike. As a result, the demand for taxis is expected to be higher than usual during these specified time slots. Taxi drivers in the area have been alerted and are prepared to deploy additional vehicles to cater to the surge in demand.


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