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LATEST TFL NUMBERS: Taxi fleet edges past 15,000 mark as 42 new cabs joins the trade last week

The London taxi fleet has edged past 15,000 mark as 42 new cabs joined the trade last week.

Transport for London (TfL) figures cover the week ending Sunday 05 February 2023:  

Taxi driver licences - 18,483 a decrease of 29 on the previous week, there was 1 new licence issued

16,480 hold All London licences and 2,010 hold Suburban licences

Taxi vehicle licences - 15,018 an increase of 19 on the previous week, there were 42 new licences issued

6,777 ZEC taxis have been licensed to date

The All London/Suburban breakdown is collated monthly (current numbers up to date as of 05 February 2023)


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