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LONDON NEWS: Westminster Bridge illegal gambler convicted and forced to pay fines

Image credit: Met Police

A man who was arrested earlier this week on Westminster Bridge for his involvement in an illegal gambling activity has been sentenced by the court.

According to Metropolitan Police Lambeth North spokesperson, Alexandru-Cristian Carabet pleaded guilty in court yesterday for providing facilities to gamble.

After a swift trial, the court has sentenced Carabet to pay a fine of £150, £85 in costs and a £60 victim surcharge. This is a reminder to everyone, that criminal behavior will not be tolerated in the city of London.

A Metropolitan Police Lambeth North spokesperson said: “Court Result. After yesterdays arrest on Westiminster Bridge for providing the facilities to gamble Alexandru-Cristian CARABET pleaded guilty at court this morning.

“The court sentenced him to the following - £150 Fine. £85 Costs. £60 Victim surcharge.”


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