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Shhhh... Caffe Nero toilet facility loo codes

When working in London finding a free public toilet is not an easy task. Many of the public toilets have been closed down, and the ones that are still open often charge a fee to use them. This can be a problem for anyone who needs to use the toilet urgently or frequently, especially if you're a cabbie working long shifts.

Fortunately, there is a solution: loo codes. Loo codes are the numbers that you need to enter on a keypad to access the toilets in some cafes and restaurants, usually from big chains like Starbucks or Pret A Manger. These codes are meant to ensure that only customers can use the toilets, but they are not always well-guarded or changed regularly. That means you can use them without buying anything, as long as you know the code.

Here we'll list a the known codes to coffee chains, that you the reader can use and also update. If you find a new code let us know in the comments section and we'll update!

This list... Caffe Nero

  • Euston station - 123

  • Regent's Street - 145

  • Fitzrovia - 524

  • Soho (Brewer Street / Lower James Street - No code

  • Russell Square - No code

  • St Paul's - C12345

  • Victoria - 241

  • Warren Street - 135

  • Ealing - 135

  • Hammersmith - 142

  • East Finchley - No code

  • East Croydon Station - C2389X

  • London Bridge - 531


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