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TOP FIVE: The most popular London taxi destinations for passengers travelling with children

As London taxi drivers, we drive thousands of families with children to several popular destinations in and around the city each week. Based on experience, here are the top five most popular places in London for passengers with childrens to visit:

1. The British Museum - This world-famous museum is a must-visit for all families with children. It has an extensive collection of artifacts from around the globe, including several exhibits dedicated to Egyptian mummies and ancient Roman artifacts. The British Museum also houses a dedicated area for children called the Great Court, which is full of interactive exhibits and activities for kids of all ages.

2. The Science Museum - Another favorite among families with children is the Science Museum. It is an educational and entertaining destination that teaches kids about science and technology through interactive exhibits and hands-on experiences. From learning about the human body to exploring space, the Science Museum offers a wide range of activities that will keep kids engaged and fascinated.

3. The London Zoo - A visit to the London Zoo is a great way to spend some quality time with the kids. It is home to over 750 species of animals, including tigers, lions, and bears. The London Zoo also has several exhibits, such as the Reptile House and the Butterfly Paradise, that offer a unique learning experience for children.

4. The Natural History Museum - The Natural History Museum is another great destination for families with children. It is home to one of the world's largest collections of dinosaur skeletons, including the famous T-Rex. The museum also has several other exhibits that focus on the natural world, such as marine life and wildlife.

5. The London Eye - Finally, the London Eye is perhaps the best place to enjoy panoramic views of the city. It is a popular attraction among families, and the view from the top of the Eye is simply breathtaking. The London Eye also offers several packages that cater specifically to families and allow them to enjoy the experience to the fullest.

These are just five of the most popular places in London. The capital offers a wealth of possibilities beyond this list, but if you’re visiting London these are seen as popular choice amongst families.


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