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UPS AND DOWNS: Weekly TfL taxi and PHV licensing stats (as of 16 July 2023)

Taxi driver licenses totaled 18,036, indicating a decrease of seven compared to the previous week. However, two new licenses were issued. Among the licensed taxi drivers, 16,159 hold All London licenses, while 1,931 possess Suburban licenses.

In terms of taxi vehicle licenses, there was a slight decline by 16, with a total of 15,162 licenses recorded for the week. Nevertheless, 24 new licenses were issued, indicating some growth in this sector. It is worth noting that 7,507 Zero Emission Capable (ZEC) taxis have been licensed to date, reflecting the industry's commitment to sustainability and reducing emissions.

On the other hand, the private hire segment has witnessed ongoing growth. Private hire driver licenses increased by 290 compared to the previous week, reaching a total of 106,405 licenses. Furthermore, 358 new licenses were issued.

Private hire vehicle licenses also showed growth, with an increase of 216 to a total of 89,702 licenses.

It is important to note that the breakdown between All London and Suburban licenses is collated monthly. As of the latest available data, which is accurate as of 25 June 2023, there are 16,159 licensed taxi drivers holding All London licenses, while 1,931 possess Suburban licenses.


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