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WATCH: LTDA General Secretary appears on GB News talking on Just Stop Oil protest and policing

Image credit: Just Stop Oil

The General Secretary of the Licensed Taxi Drivers’ Association (LTDA) shared his thoughts on the latest Just Stop Oil protest.

The Protest group caused major disruption across three major London bridges today. As the situation on Blackfriars Bridge escalated, a furious motorist, dressed in orange overalls, was seen in a video posted by the protest group, approaching activists. The man was caught on camera grabbing the first protester he saw and hurling him onto the pavement where the victim rolled into a police officer.

In the video, the officer is seen together with a colleague, tackling the irate worker, who was then pushed up against a waste management truck by police. Another angry driver was heard shouting at the officers: "You shut up, get off my truck". The police, however, took control of the situation and detained the suspect on suspicion of common assault, shouting at him to "put your arms behind your back."

Just Stop Oil had been protesting against the government's climate policies, causing a massive delay in rush hour traffic.

In a statement the protest group said: “Tensions have been high this morning as the marches cause major delays for commuters.

“One man threw a supporter onto the ground and was subsequently arrested on Blackfriars Bridge.

“A motorcyclist attempted to drive through the same procession, before police intervened.

“Elsewhere there were a number of altercations as members of the public snatched banners and confronted Just Stop Oil supporters.”


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